The Wandering Stars

The ancients (us) knew that each wandering star (planet, asteroids, etc) has an essence a quality to them that reflect upon the body and emotion of the earth as well as any being on earth... Let's introduce you to these essences and how they actualize in you...

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Meet Virgin Mary - Eris (astrological name)
Tarot : the high priestess
Essence : The Devine Feminine
home / house : Virgo...
Cycle : 558 years (phoenix cycle)
Glyph : l o v

She goes by many names found in all cultures... Isis, Kali, White Buffalo Calf Woman, Frejya, Holy Grail, Virgin Mary, La Befanna, Mictechiuatl, The Phoenix, Santa Claus...

This is your innermost pure essence of love... 
We are all currently going through her 558 year Phoenix Rising with the Sun making it the 5th Sun of the Zodiac Year... We are just into the 5th year of the 8 year orb...

Notable Events

Jan 12, 2020    : Weighing of the heart Ceremony : Event in Egypt's Papyrus of Ani
                       (Sun, Mercury, Saturn, Pluto, Ceres, alignment on the Milky Way) 

April 15th 2023 : Phoenix  Rising : Revelation 12:1
                        (Eris, Sun, @0° Aries, North node close by)

Nov 17th, 2023 : Mary Steps on the Snake : Genesis 3:15
                         ( Eris, North Node @0° Aries)

Medical Astrology :
When her love gets a hold of you its for a long time... her 558 year cycle of nearly 6 month retrograde cycles make for many years of feeling this presence... if your waters are pure, it will be invigoratingly noticeable... if your waters are muddy (ie you are not passing the weighing of the heart), she won't let go, cause its love, and love cures all...

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Meet Mary Magdalene - Juno (astrological name)
Tarot : the lovers
Essence : The Earthen Mother
home / house : Taurus
Cycle : ~ 4.4 years 
Glyph : Burst

This is the "other mary"... Her home / house is Taurus (home of earthen mothers)
All Cultures have two feminine... One Pure and one who stays close to the earthen Son...
Juno's essence is that of "women / feminine side" in your life and experiences...   
When people are stuck in a not good karmic situation, Juno will be there to act as your mother mirroring  to you what needs to change...

Medical Astrology
Juno's symbol is that of a peacock, colorful, and can make you your feathers stand on end... if there needs to be a cleanse, she will show up as skin breaks, volcanic eruptions...

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Meet You, the Sun
Tarot : the sun
Essence : Horus the all seeing eye blinded by the light...
home / house : The Whole Zodiac ! 1 life at a time
Cycle : 1 sidereal year of 365.2563 days
Glyph : Expansion

The Sun represent material, manifest, creating, turns water into different states of matter...
Follow the Sun / You as you journey around the zodiac...
You are infinite, get over it...
Observe is your task...
Learn from the vibrations you've left behind... pebble and the pond... 
All the wandering stars, fixed stars, cardinal points, nodes are all there for you to traverse through the ages seeking liberation, transcendence, christ consciousness, whatever you want to call it...
You are the one who stand in a pond of perfectly still waters with a crystal blue sky who throws a pebble into the middle of the pond and wonders why at some point in time a wave hits your ankles...
You are Source, you create it all -- Bob

Medical Astrology :
The Sun travels, finds joy, birthing, pitfalls (eclipses, passes out), and ladders... Awaits for the revelation cycle returning of wisdom aka enlightenment of being infinite tethered to love...

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Meet the eye of the Moon
Tarot : the moon
Essence : Mother's Watchful eye
Always winking at you 😉...
Cycle : 1 sidereal cycle of 27.3223 days 
Glyph : occulting eye

The feminine Moon is the fastest Luminary / Wandering Light of the night and day... Spirit’s Eye, teaches Phases, reminding us of how we go from Un-manifest (new moon) to manifest (full moon)… Shows us cycles / patterns... The Moon affects fertility in all beings in that it plays a factor with our physical and spiritual waters (emotional)... Affecting the Tide / Ebb and Flow of fluids within all bodies... As Matt Jerome says... What is not water?

Medical Astrology :
The Moon's phases are used to time shorter medical cleanses... The Moon transits are associated with fevers, seizures, black-outs, birthing, initial signs that a cleanses is upon you...

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Meet God the Father - Pluto (astrological name)
Tarot : death
Essence : The Devine Masculine in Manifest

home / house : Pisces...
Cycle : ~ 247.9 years
Glyph : rebirth

Pluto is God the father... your most purest state of consciousness... Regeneration story of Osirius and Horus, the Father and the Sun/Son... Look at the Glyph of Pluto... do you see the "ankh" that is bursting open into a sphere not on the cross?.. The reason we have "acts of god" is that when Pluto is on an Energetic 5th aka at the Cusp between to zodiac/house signs, people cleanse... Know that when the Mother of god  (Eris) is at play, Pluto amplifies the divine feminine's energy...

Notable Events

Look at Pluto's interactions during the Black Death / Black Plague... Note that When Eris is on a cusp, 2019 - 2027 the masculine submits to the feminine in each and everyone of us...

Medical Astrology :
Amplification of invigoration and special unique gifts inherent in each one of us... Amplification of severity of cleanses...

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Meet Discharge - Neptune (astrological name)
Tarot : the tower
Essence : Pure Energy

home / house : Aquarius
Cycle : ~ 164.8 years
Glyph : trident

When you see Pure Energy (returning to Love) like Lightning, Static, Induction just know that Neptune is involved... Delivers quick internal and external pulses of weather... Know that Imagination is light… Get it… Tune in… arahant
Represents the Crystalline Sea.

Medical Astrology
When there is pain it is Neptune... Lightning strikes it is Neptune... Electricity accidents, it is Neptune... Both strikingly fast, or the Slowness of the retrograde cycles... Long Cleanses
5° Retrograde cycles Crawling by 2° at a time makes for long cleanses...

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Meet the Womb - Uranus (astrological name)
Tarot : stars
Essence: Hold up the world
home / house : Capricorn
Cycle : ~ 84 years
Glyph : windmill

Uranus represents waters that hold up the womb, of the mother and the womb of the earth we call the sky aka firmament...  Uranus is Atlas, that which holds up each others world... Your internal and external winds of your being of the Earth... Uranus is the winds of destiny bringing a new life cycle...

Medical Astrology
Womb, Cesarean, Eye, Crown of head... 

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Father Time - Saturn (astrological name)
Tarot : the hermit
Essence : It's your clock, choose wisely...

home / house : Circle of 60
Cycle : ~ 29.5 years
Glyph : cross and throne

Time is always on your side, you are infinite... Your path is always brighter if you so choose... You will let yourself know when its time for change... You will feel this "time  with Ceres

Medical Astrology :

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Harvester - Ceres (astrological name)
Tarot : the hanged man
Essence : You are a good crop

home / house : Libra
Cycle : ~ 4.6 years
Glyph : scythe

Harvester of souls, crop, works with Saturn, mercury and icarus to change your timing of your snakes and ladders game of reincarnations. Helps with Skipping rungs on the ladder towards ascension vs riding the snake for another round. Learn the weighing of the heart ceremony... is your heart as light as a feather?

Medical Astrology
Physical separation... Emotionally shows up with Neptune and Saturn... Saturn and Ceres are at play with those whom really need love... 

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My new wings! - Icarus (astrological name)
Tarot : the fool
Essence : Flying high
home / house : Aries
Cycle : ~ 1.1 years
Glyph : wings : no more cross

New Wings, graduation, test flight, don’t use for materialistic desires else like the story, flew too close to the sun and got his wings burned and rides the snake back for another round. Be prepared to change persona.

Medical Astrology
Flight and land... Make sure you stay grounded while flying...

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Mother Nature - Venus (astrological name)
Tarot : the empress
Essence : love for all beings

home / house : in every heart
Cycle : ~ 1.1 years
Glyph : ankh : circle of life on the cross

She rises before sun rise, resides with the sun, or sets after sun sets... Venus is always close with the Sun ensuring there is a love everywhere... 

Medical Astrology :
Her passion is shown through every being and uses Mars to start the fire of awareness that everything needs to resolve to love...

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Fire Starter - Mars (astrological name)
Tarot : strength
Essence : Fiery

home / house : in every heart beat
Cycle : ~ 1.8 years
Glyph : Red shifted Eris

Shape of Beings, Mini me of Vesta, lights the fire in you to shape you into the Good Sun,
Mars is the Shape of Seeds, Shape of Manifestations, how your manifestations shape up.

Medical Astrology
Mars will light up your chart and that organ/vibration/chakra. Keep them clean or Mars will do it for you.
Keep an eye on Hygeia during Mars Transits. These are cleanses of not good vibrations you’ve allowed into your being. When Mars and Venus meet, all waters need to be pure...

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Cleanses - Hygeia (astrological name)
Tarot : temperance
Essence : Whole body cleanse

home / house : Cancer
Cycle : ~ 5.3 years
Glyph : caduceus : kundalini

Hygiea represents cleansing energies in cleaning the mind and body… NOTE: glyph of Medicinal Caduceus. Neptune and Hygeia are the energies that change the W-eather…

Medical Astrology :
When this essence vibrates you, get ready for a full kundalini aka chakra aka organ vibration... Once cleansed, this essence like all of them will be invigorating...
Hygiea/Mars/Moon/Sun/Nodes/Juno/Neptune working together for a physical cleanse… Reminder, it is Ceres and Saturn for the conscious mind…

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Record Keeper - Mercury (astrological name)
Tarot : the world
Essence : Always recording your actions in the waters

home / house : Consciousness
Cycle : ~ 359 days
Glyph : On the cross

Akashic Records, Mini me of Icarus. Lives past present future, Ego keeps you on the Wheel, Mercury holds your unique game of snakes and ladders. You roll the dice/choices... Know that your free will now tightens as we are upon a phoenix rising and a change of ages... your choices are only 1... forgiveness and love...

Medical Astrology
Everything is based on your past... All your in jury's are a reminder of your past... Mercury's essence is to ensure your waters are crystalline so you will be invigorated by all the other luminaries... There is a reason Mercury is at the Weighing of the hear ceremony on the egyptian walls... 

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Temptress - Lilith (astrological name)
Tarot : the devil
Essence : Can you resist material Temptations?...

home / house : Scorpio
Cycle : ~ 4.3 years
Glyph : spirit on the cross

Lilith brings amazing gifts... She represents the “temptress”... tests your being in all aspects of temptation. She has the power of the snake, ie vibrations... Lilith is also known as Egyptian Sekhmet the lioness headed goddess, aka Medusa, holder of spiritual snakes on her head. She has the power over how you use your material snake, ie in the physical... When you don’t pass the test, you turn to stone... When you pass the test of temptation, your hidden gifts flourish… Lilith is a balance between one being gifted and the incarnation of that gift into the physical... Lilith is strong willed especially in the unsuspecting…

Medical Astrology :
You may find a Stone surface (ie, lump) especially in the reproductive organs Scorpio and/or the 8th House... This is a sign that these organs are not being used in a divine way... Remember, immaculate conceptions are real...

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Spiritual ah ha - Black Moon (astrological name)
Tarot : the un-seer
Essence : major deep spiritual signs / messages
home / house : Calculated Point
Cycle : ~ 9.0 years
Glyph : Spirit

Black Moon is Isis' aka Eris' aka Madonna's Node, represents the “spiritual you” that teaches you how to recognize the state of arahant, that state of knowing you are connected to everything...  She brings deep spiritual signs and knowings... She represents the moon you cannot see...
She strives for the Absolute and will help you get there knowingly or unknowingly...

Medical Astrology
Amplification of other alignments... 

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Learn Law - Jupiter (astrological name)
Tarot : justice
Essence : Everyone needs to learn the Law of the Stars...

home / house : Sagittarius
Cycle : ~ 11.9 years
Glyph : Weighing of the heart

"Law of the stars" is the "Supreme Law" over the law of the Land, Air and Sea... Man's law delivers Karma to each other which keeps them in Karmic Bondage... Hatfields and McCoys... Never ending boxing Match... Once you learn the "Law of the Stars", the essences of all you read here today, then you will know how to transcend... Use the 42 Spiritual Laws of Isis / Ma'at so you can become sovereign as depicted in the weighing of the heart ceremony...

Medical Astrology :
Restrictive physical time outs...

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Pay it forward - Chiron (astrological name)
Tarot : judgement
Essence : If you see me, share this lesson

home / house : Sagittarius
Cycle : ~ 50.4 years
Glyph : key

Chiron is known as the Wounded Healer... Chiron represents the bridge from the visible to the invisible... Chiron sits between the luminaries which are visible by the human eye, and the Non visible i.e. Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, Eris, Juno, etc... Chiron signifies a key to the universe, aether, arahant, wisdom, knowing… 

Medical Astrology
With other alignments that signify you are to pay the wisdom forward... You need to share the law of the stars on why you experience this... Chiron will prove to you that you are of the stars...

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Chastity - Vesta (astrological name)

Tarot : the hierophant
Essence : Virginity
home / house : Leo
Cycle : ~ 3.6 years
Glyph : Eternal flame

Vesta represents the sacred fire, the hearth, the celibacy of the Universe. “The Vestal Virgins”...  She wants to know that you understand the Path back to Eden...
The path back to the Absolute...  Learning how and when to procreate and when not to. Know that immaculate conceptions are real... Know this and you master your world...

Medical Astrology :
Indirectly with other alignments...

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We are 1 - Pallas (astrological name)

Tarot : emperor
Essence : We are all natives
home / house : Gemini
Cycle : ~ 4.6 years
Glyph : city block on the cross

Pallas represents the “Goddess of Wisdom, Creative Intelligence”, the “Feminine Powers of Nature”… She stands by heroes… The part of you that wants to Channel your Creative Energy for all… Communities are her domain… When communities need help seeing eye to eye, her best strategy is surprise of unconditional love and random acts of kindness...

Medical Astrology
Amplification of other alignments... 

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Look up, a message from Above - Mc (astrological name)

Tarot : on the mount
Essence : Cardinal Point Message - Are you listening?...
home / house : Top of the Chart
Cycle : minute by minute
Glyph : Medium Coeli

Mc = Medium Coeli… (Coeli is where spirit resides)... Physical Signs from pure love… Midheaven, top of the sky, Jesus on the Mount, The Summer Solstice… The top middle of the 2 pillars, the top of the Torus field… Day

Medical Astrology :
Any of the Cardinal Point energies manifest instantly and only lasts minutes... You can use the cardinal points for learning the essence of each luminary... this is how one trains from your inner "self" guidance...

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Nativity Scene - a deep message - Ic (astrological name)

Tarot : the nativity
Essence : Cardinal Point Message : major deep spiritual signs / messages Pay attention!..
home / house : Bottom of the chart
Cycle : ~ minute by minute
Glyph : Imum Coeli

Ic = Imum coeli, (Coeli is where spirit resides). The Ic is the bottom of the chart which wraps Spiritual Signs from pure love… Nativity Scene, The Winter Solstice… The bottom middle of the 2 pillars, the bottom of the Torus field… Night

Medical Astrology
Any of the Cardinal Point energies manifest instantly and only lasts minutes... You can use the cardinal points for learning the essence of each luminary... this is how one trains from your inner "self" guidance...

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Use your head - Moon's North Node (astrological name)

Tarot : head of snake
Essence : Where is your head at?...
home / house : the clock
Cycle : ~ 18.6 years
Glyph : empties water

Choose your thoughts wisely, as each of your incarnations manifests from your Past actions…
Moon’s North Node or Head of the Snake / Dragon represents future and destiny or your Karmic Attachments. Also known as Rahu. This represents how one handles materialism and the knowing that the true abundance is from the Tree of Knowledge. This abundance is always yours arahant… The conscious mind will hold untruths… Rahu is the Yang, anatman (not the True Self), the psychophysical you… 

Medical Astrology : Amplifies what's at play... involved with Eclipses, ie passing out, getting dizzy, severances... There is a reason why they are opposite just as with the zodiac's, their opposite is important and for good reason...

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Its your body! - Moon's South Node (astrological name)

Tarot : tail of snake
Essence : Stop eating your tail...
home / house : the clock
Cycle : ~ 18.6 years
Glyph : holds water

The Moon’s South Node represents the karmic knowledge of the head eating the tail. Your body is because of you in a past life... Ketu is the Yin/atman/metaphysical you. So don’t be materialistic and keep chasing / eating your tail. Learn this wisdom/knowledge and use the luminaries as your guides. Your body only holds and attracts your Karmic truth… Hey “head” I reflect your thoughts and actions… Are you with me?

Medical Astrology : Amplifies what's at play... involved with Eclipses, ie passing out, getting dizzy, severances... There is a reason why they are opposite just as with the zodiac's, their opposite is important and for good reason...

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Immaculate Conception - lot/Part of Fortune (astrological name)

Tarot : the birth
Essence : something is about to birth
home / house : all... tied to Asc / Dsc
Cycle : ~ 27.3 days
Glyph : cross in the womb

Part of Fortune is divine birthing… immaculate conceptions are real… A monthly cycle... 

Medical Astrology :
In Vitro, Miscarriages, Adoption are all with LoF / PoF at play… 

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Fork in the road - Vertex (astrological name)

Tarot : destiny
Essence : sudden onset in change of direction
home / house : all
Cycle : ~ 24 hours
Glyph : Vortex

Vertex represent destiny’s turning point / gate… You are on a labyrinth of infinite choices every moment... Use your heart, so that you will raise your vibration and avoid unnecessary pitfalls...

Medical Astrology
Shape shifting...

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