The Cardinal points

Wanna really understand what a cross is?.. If you learn this wisdom, you will understand astro logos... The cardinal points show you "exactly" the essence of a luminary (wandering star aka planets)... Learn the 60 repeating numbers and you will see the cross... There is a reason why the Vatican "had" true Cardinals... They knew how to read the cardinal points and connect with the divine...

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The Sun on the Cross

Learn how to read the "cross"

The Sun, you, is on the stations of the cross every day, every life, every age...  The term "cardinal" comes from the Latin word cardinalis, which means "principal, chief, essential." 
It is essential that you learn this chief principle...
Exercise: for North of Equator Locations
1) stand outside in the morning and face the sun rise... this is east..
2) stand outside in the evening and face the sun set... this is west
3) stand outside at Noon and face the sun, this is South... Your Back faces the Northern Lights...
(for South of Equator at Noon, face the Sun, this is north... Your back faces the South...

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